Just Plain Delusional

Endeavour on our unique and exclusive modding tool, designed to provide an smooth and effective modding experience.

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Sleek dashboard

Our dashboard allows you to monitor and update your account with ease.

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Elegant UI

All of our products offer our users a smooth and completely customisable user interface.

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Privacy Focused

We value privacy at Delusion, all of our products are built with Privacy in mind.

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We value safety for all of our products, we monitor everything we provide for possible issues to make sure you aren't risking a ban using Delusion.

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Frequent Updates

We are constantly updating our product keeping our customers as safe as possible and offering them the best features. We are always one of the first to update to the latest GTAO updates too.

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A happy customer is important to us, our support members have been handpicked to help you solve your issues within no time.

Meet the team

The team behind the development of Delusion.

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Lead Developer & Owner
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Team member 03
Auth & Loader Developer
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Dr Henry
Community Manager

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Competing pricing

All of our products are competetively priced, we strive to provide a good product for a cheap price.

What’s included
  • XML Vehicle Spawning
  • SHV Loader
  • Information Spoofing
  • Protections
  • 100+ Features
Coming Soon
What’s included
  • Undetected From LUA AC's
  • Unique Features
  • Frequent Updates
  • Custom Features For Bigger Servers
  • Server Crasher